Who we are

Schwarz Werkzeugbau, founded in 1964 by Heinz Schwarz in Preußisch Oldendorf, has developed into one of the largest independent toolmaking companies in Germany. Our range of services includes classical toolmaking as well as the complete development up to series production of components. The company has successfully gone through a generational change and is optimally positioned for the next decades with the new management. Our competitive advantages are manifold and the totality of our services is more than the sum of its parts. We would like to introduce you to what makes us special.

What makes us different

Company size

Schwarz is one of the largest independent companies in the tooling industry.

We cover all relevant value-added steps with our own employees and machines. Especially in the increasing integration of mechatronic systems, this means a significant competitive edge

Our innovation and research activities are consistently focused on increasing the productivity, quality and manufacturability of tools.

Together with our customers, we develop innovative solutions of high efficiency. The accelerated forming processes optimize the quality of parts production and reduce the parts manufacturing costs incurred.


Investment readiness

Our claim is to offer a wide range of first-class services. This will always include making major investments for interesting projects. We are valued as a long-term partner for our customers.

Value chain

Mechanical processing is an important part of the value chain at Schwarz Werkzeugbau. We have state-of-the-art CNC machines that enable us to machine even the largest components with the highest precision. Our experienced machine operators ensure that every machining operation meets the highest quality standards. We offer a wide range of machining processes including milling, turning, grinding, drilling, etc. Our machining capabilities allow us to cover projects from design to completion, ensuring a more efficient and successful implementation.


Deepening and securing specialist knowledge is a high priority for us. In-service training plays a key role in all corporate functions. We also train most of our junior staff ourselves in the industrial and commercial areas and have a gratifyingly low employee turnover overall. The company thus benefits from competent and flexible employees.


We are an entrepreneur-led company - and proud of our independence. This applies both in entrepreneurial and financial terms. For us, independence means being able to plan successfully for the long term and in line with the strategic needs of our customers.

Our value chain at a glance

Forming technology 
Our tools in forming technology are just as well thought-out and tried and tested as all the simulation models and methods used. We have extensive and grown experience in these areas - our expertise is a guarantee for quality.

Cutting technology 
Our blank cutting tools optimally solve the trade-off between material utilisation and tool productivity. We attach great importance to the highest accuracy of the cuts and robust designs that also allow higher speeds.


Joining technology
We can use various joining processes to permanently join individual parts manufactured by us as well as purchased parts together to form complex components.
In addition to the established joining processes, technological innovations or combinations of different processes are also used time and again for the production of these subassemblies.


Coating technology
Coating technology is at the end of the value-added chain in production technology that is relevant to us. Through the close interlocking of the upstream steps, surfaces are created that correspond exactly to the design and functionality specifications.


Over 50 years of history

In 1964, Heinz Schwarz founds the Heinz Schwarz company in his parents' garage. The chicken coop is converted into an office. Components at the beginning of the company: parts for radiators, radiator technology and the bicycle industry.

As of August 1, 1968, the Heinz Schwarz company employs six people and two trainees.

  • New building in the industrial park "Hammerland
  • Wurlitzer music machines
  • Schüco window frame accessories
  • Beco fixtures, angles for bed frames
  • Rabewerk agriculture
  • Melitta coffee pot lids and injection molds
  • Interdono heaters
  • Homag small tools for the gaming machine industry 
  • Daimler special fixture construction, welding tools
  • Thyssen Brackwede Tools for special vehicles 
  • Linde Parts for the truck industry, thick sheet metal tools
  • Benteler Bielefeld Special machines, individual parts
  • Half rings Food industry, spray heads

Start of the successful cooperation with Tebis. Use of the software as the first toolmaking company in northern Germany.


  • Tools for the Volkswagen Group (cable shift for VW Passat).
  • From then on continuously different tools for VW
  • MAN Salzgitter / truck special devices
  • First large press 800 tons SMG
  • We offer apprenticeships again
  • Opel / General Motors is a new customer.
  • Thyssen Duisburg – Development of blank cuts for the production of tailored blanks.

Parts production:

VW / Bentley (niche vehicles)
VW (commercial vehicles)

  • New construction of a press hall
  • Erection of a 3,000 ton press – first time in Germany by Loiresafe


  • The firstchair is developed and built in collaboration with a Munich designer.
  • Another hall extension with press basement and press for prototype production (VW, Thyssen, etc.)

New try-out center. Construction of a new hall with two new presses, crane and retrofit of the existing press. Expansion of capacities to 3-shift operation.


Neubau der Fertigungshalle für den Bereich Car Body Solutions


Our responsibility

We support the high quality and optimal production safety with a continuous quality management according to the specifications of DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and VDA 6.4. In addition, we are in preparation for certification according to IATF 16949.

In the entire process chain, quality assurance is an essential component in the company. With modern measuring machines and the latest software, we meet high expectations and the most stringent requirements.

An essential part in the tactile area is the initial sampling, another step is the sampling of pressed parts from serial production. Here, all process steps are covered in accordance with the production control plan. Comprehensive services and an on-site service complete the offer.

Thanks to the permanent qualification of our employees and the absolutely consistent implementation of all specifications, we can guarantee the high quality requirements throughout.

Quality. Now and in the future.

Our claim is not only to deliver the best product quality. We want to successfully push the boundaries of what is technically possible with every project.



Rotary Filling Gate Valve
In various projects, we adapt the classic rotary filling slide in the smallest possible installation space. Thanks to this reduction in installation space, tandem molds are also possible. The requirements for the tools used are extremely high and are completely implemented in our production.


The Unischere is a blanking die system developed by us, with which the most diverse blank sizes can be produced with only one die. Blank transport and tool settings are highly automated by means of servo drives, and the mechatronic control system can be operated independently of the machine control system.


Travelling drawing punch
Our innovative development of the travelling drawing punch realizes tandem molds even with the most varied drawing depths of the components.