Schwarz Werkzeugbau was established by Heinz Schwarz in Preußisch Oldendorf in 1964. The company has since become one of the largest independent toolmaking firms in Germany. Our range of services includes traditional toolmaking and complete component development, from the initial concept to mass production.

Now that the reins have been handed over to the next generation, the company is well positioned for the years ahead with new management at the helm.



Schwarz is an experienced company that offers key benefits. These competitive advantages are varied, whereby the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We’d like to show you what sets us apart.





What sets us apart



Company size has become a crucial factor in the toolmaking industry over the past few decades.
Shorter and shorter development cycles and increasing material and technology requirements call for companies with high capacities across all stages in the value chain. For us, size is not an end in itself. Rather, it allows us to keep up with all the strategic developments in our core industries.



We take pride in our employees’ strong identification with the company, as well as in the long average length of time that they are with the firm. Our collective experience is based on more than just using CAD software and machinery to create tools with high productivity and first-class output: our specialists make all the difference.



Our aim is to offer a broad range of first-class services. This will always be associated with making larger investments in interesting projects. Our customers value us as a long-term partner.



Schwarz Werkzeugbau provides one of the most comprehensive value chains in the industry. We are in the convenient situation of being able to show our customers all the relevant steps in the product life cycle. This ensures significant benefits for all project partners, such as straightforward concepts, accelerated development processes and higher quality thanks to fewer interfaces.



Developing and securing specialist knowledge is extremely important to us. On-the-job training plays a key role in all company functions. In the industrial and commercial departments, we also train the majority of our future employees ourselves and enjoy an overall low level of employee turnover. As a result, the company benefits from professional and flexible employees, and has the ability to bring even challenging projects and product innovations to maturity unusually quickly.



We are an owner-operated business, and we take pride in our independence. This is true in both business and financial terms. For us, independence means being able to successfully make long-term plans based on our customers’ specific strategic requirements.