Our tools in forming technology are just as sophisticated and extensively tested as all the applied simulation models and methods. We have comprehensive, long-standing experience in these areas, and our expertise ensures exceptional quality.


Our blanking tools optimally address the conflicting aims of minimising material waste and maximising the productivity of the tool. We set great store by maximum precision in shearing and a robust construction, which also promote higher speeds.


Using a whole host of different joining processes, we can permanently combine individual pieces – both those manufactured in-house as well as purchased – with one another to form complex components.

In addition to established joining processes, we always use technological innovations or combinations of various processes to manufacture these sub-assemblies, in order to demonstrate the added value throughout our value chain.

Company size

Schwarz is one of the largest independent companies in the toolmaking industry.

We cover all the relevant stages in the value chain with our own employees and machines. This gives us a significant competitive edge, particularly when it comes to integrating mechatronic systems, which is becoming more and more common.


Our innovation and research activities are designed to consistently increase the productivity, quality and producibility of tools.

Working together with our customers, we develop innovative solutions for achieving greater efficiency. The accelerated forming processes optimise the quality of parts production and reduce the associated costs.


Our employees’ extensive expertise makes us flexible, fast and able to respond to any changes or trends. Thanks to our sheer size, our range of machines and our project and simulation options, we can guarantee prompt solutions for even the most demanding projects.