Tool construction

Methods / Feasibility

As part of the method and feasibility studies, we examine potential technological solutions in view of the construction and manufacturing viability of a tool project.


We work with the Siemens NX and Catia V5 software programs in the area of construction. Our designers have a great deal of practical experience and can always ensure construction feasibility.

This allows us not only to increase quality throughout the entire process, but also to boost the productivity of systems in mass production.

Casting procurement

Obtaining the casting is a key procurement step in each tool project. We have an optimised selection of suppliers to choose from, so that castings of any desired quality can be made at corresponding prices and delivered accordingly.

Quality assurance also plays a key role here: Unfinished castings first need to be visually assessed and the data received digitalised. This allows us to create a solid foundation for the target-performance comparison between CAD data and the actual casting dimensions.