Production services

Production services

High-precision processing is essential for effectively implementing external engineering requirements and designs. Ongoing investment in the machinery ensures our competitive advantage in the area of production services.

We can carry out three- and five-axis machining procedures, including five-axis simultaneous milling. Ongoing quality assurance throughout ensures an accurate fit and functioning components. Using offline programming systems (TEBIS and Mastercam), we can facilitate long, unmanned machining times.

Our specialists are all trained by the company. Most of our programmers are also qualified machinists, which leads to significant improvements in the quality of their results. We can process a whole host of materials, including steel, cast iron, cast steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.


In an assembly area measuring more than 2,500 m2, over 50 toolmakers work at the company in four teams over three shifts. The toolmaking teams are supported by sheet-metal processing specialists, welders and tool electronics technicians. We can handle crane loads of up to 50 tonnes.


In our testing centre, our customers can try out their tool projects in realistic production line conditions. From 2014, the centre will boast a size of around 1,500 m2. Here, too, some 20 toolmakers will work in three shifts, supported by specialists in surface processing.

Tool installation

We support our customers all over the world with services for installing new tools. Our teams of expert toolmakers contribute their experience with presses to providing on-site support at the production facilities.

Tool maintenance

We repair all of the tools that we manufacture for our customers and also store them if necessary. This applies to our tools as well as those manufactured by third parties.