Mass production


High-precision processing is essential for effectively implementing external engineering requirements and designs. Ongoing investment in our machinery also ensures our competitiveness in the area of production services.

We are able to carry out three- and five-axis machining procedures, including five-axis simultaneous milling. Ongoing quality assurance throughout ensures an accurate fit and functioning components. Using offline programming systems (TEBIS and Mastercam), we can facilitate long, unmanned machining times. Our specialists are all trained by the company. Nearly all of our programmers are qualified machinists, which leads to significant improvements in quality.

We can process a whole host of materials, including steel, cast iron, cast steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.


In an assembly area measuring more than 2,500 m2, over 50 toolmakers work in four teams over three shifts.
We can handle crane loads of up to 50 tonnes.
The toolmaking teams are supported by sheet-metal processing specialists, welders and tool electronics technicians. This combination of high assembly capacity and in-house mechatronics specialists allows us to precisely manufacture even the most complex tool projects in no time at all.