Feasibility studies


As part of the feasibility studies, we examine potential technological solutions in view of the construction and manufacturing viability of a tool project.


Schwarz Werkzeugbau determines if the tools can be manufactured in accordance with the plans provided and in the conditions specified, and if they can be successfully used in mass production. We pay particular attention here to including all the disturbance variables that may occur in the process, such as press deflection, casting stiffness and fluctuations in materials availability and ambient temperature.


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Everyone involved can draw on many years of experience in mass production with our own presses.
This insight into real, everyday mass production is applied to the feasibility studies of all projects, so that no real tests are necessary at this stage.


Our theoretical audit is also closely dovetailed and represents the perfect simulation of surfaces using TEBIS software. This optimal approach requires the overall Schwarz system, comprising engineering expertise, software (AutoForm, FEM calculations), our databases and certain hardware.


When customers request the full range of services – engineering, toolmaking and testing – Schwarz Werkzeugbau can guarantee them solutions that effectively prevent waste and minimise the use of materials.