Schwarz Werkzeugbau has been an established partner to the demanding automotive industry for 50 years, and has developed from a small-parts manufacturer to a full-range supplier in forming and sheet metal processing.

We see it as our responsibility to ensure strategic development in the respective industries and to proactively offer new services to meet changing demands, all the while focusing on increasing system productivity and facilitating new materials concepts.

Commercial vehicles

Over the past several years, we have been using the experience gained in the automotive industry to gain a foothold in other sectors. The trends in the commercial vehicles segment are transport efficiency, comfort, safety and environmental friendliness. The resulting demands made on vehicle construction have, in many areas, brought the commercial vehicle segment ever closer to the passenger vehicle industry as a whole.

This applies particularly to the surface quality of sheet metal parts and to the aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle system.
We are extremely well positioned to address future developments with innovative tool concepts.


The agricultural industry has developed into a high-tech sector over the last few decades. In the field of telematics, the technologies used even exceed the standards of the automotive industry. Cost pressure and sustainability considerations have also had a huge impact on vehicle construction. Here, too, increased demand for aerodynamics has led to a change in the processing of sheet metal parts. Sheared and edged sheet metal parts are increasingly being replaced by formed parts.

Furniture industry

With the chair frame by Wilkhahn, we have demonstrated how automotive expertise can be applied to other markets. The chair is created as a single piece in one production step. Lightweight construction principles from the automotive industry offer major benefits in terms of productivity, costs, quality, durability and reproducibility. In the furniture industry, many applications are possible that fulfil similar technical and economic criteria.

White goods

In addition to integrating white goods into the increasing automation of the domestic environment, design is also becoming more and more important when it comes to these products. Here, too, sheared and edged sheet metal parts are being replaced by formed parts. We have decades of experience with a market leader in this industry.

Metalworking industry

For decades, Schwarz Werkzeugbau has been an experienced partner in the design and manufacture of blanking tools for a wide variety of applications in the metalworking industry. Our strengths come from combining several steps in one tool as well as from integrating mechatronic elements in order to increase production quality and productivity.